Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Focus T25 Workout Review

Focus T25 is a short 25 minute workout that can actually give you the same results as a full 60 minute routine. You’ll feel better both emotionally and physically and look great too. This set of ten DVDs will show you how to burn calories and fat without wasting time you don't have on trips to the gym for longer workouts. It’s affordable, fast and fun.

  • A full workout in 30 minutes
  • Saves time and money at the gym
  • Affordable
  • Done in the privacy of your own home

  • You’ll have no more excuses for not working out
  • What to do with all that free time

Don’t worry about that free time. I’m sure you have all sorts of things to fill it with. Today’s world is demanding, and we all have busy schedules. Work comes first, followed by making sure the kids get what they need. Add to that the daily household chores, eating, and sleeping, and when are we supposed to squeeze in the time for a workout, let alone the travel time spent going to the gym each day? Shaun T has come up with the perfect solution. He is the same trainer that brought us the Insanity workout line, and now he has created an exercise program that will easily fit into anyone’s schedule.

The number one reason people don’t work out is that they don’t have enough time. Focus T25 gives you a hard impact workout that fits into just 25 minutes. Shaun T has taken the “rest” out of a good exercise program and left us with a workout that gets right down to the business of getting fit. These 25 minutes are equivalent to a traditional 50 minute routine when it comes to building muscle and losing fat. Done five days a week you will begin to see and feel the effects after just one week. Many have seen huge improvements after 50 days on the program.

Studies have proven that 30 minutes of exercise is just asgood at burning fat as a 60 minute workout, possibly better. The Focus T25 plan is an efficient workout that excludes the rest periods and cool down time. This is how 50 minutes of exercise can fit within a half hour and still give you the same results.

Focus T25 is affordable and fits into most budgets. The set includes ten DVDs and four free gifts. These gifts are created to further help you with your weight loss and muscle building goals. You get a Five Day Fast Track that gives you meal plans for workout days, 24/7 online support, the Stretch Workout DVD, and B-Lines. The Stretch Workout DVD guides you through stretching out the muscles after the five days of intense exercise, while B-Lines is a lightweight 15 pound resistance band that can be used with the workout routine for added benefits. The entire system can be purchased in three payments of $39.95 from their official website. They offer 100% satisfaction with their 30 day money back guarantee.

Reviews of this workout include positive statements such as “I thoroughly enjoy Focus T25 as a maintenance program.” Even if you are already in shape this DVD collection can help you maintain that status you’ve already achieved. Another customer describes it by saying “This is a good, fun workout program.” You’ll see results quickly as this review proves; “So the first week of Focus T25 is done and I’m hooked.”

You will be getting two workouts in this collection, the Alpha Cycle and the Beta Cycle. The Alpha Cycle is the foundation of the program. The five DVDs in this section include Cardio, Speed 1.0, Total Body Circuit, AB Intervals, and Lower Focus. Once you complete these, you may move on to the Beta Cycle. Here you’ll find the DVDs of Core Cardio, Speed 2.0, Rip and Circuit, Dynamic Core, and Upper Focus.

In addition to the DVDs and free gifts they have included tools that help you see results even quicker. One of these is the Quick Start Guide. This guide shows you how to achieve the best results by hitting the ground running. Pair it up with the Nutrition Guide. This has recipes for five meals each of the five days that are under five minutes to prepare. Use the Alpha Beta Workout Calendar as a tool to show which workout to do on each day.

The name Focus T25 says it all. You focus strictly on a hard workout for 25 minutes, five days a week to see results. The reason it works is simple. Workouts are fast paced and packed full of high intensity, dynamic moves. All are designed to produce maximum effectiveness while being efficient.

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